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We have a fully mechanized Foundry where the Graded Cast Iron, SG Iron, NI-Hard Castings and certain other components are manufactured using state of the art technology and to a high precision. The total production capacity is about 750 Tones/month.


To get the best quotation the customer must provide drawings, material specifications, tooling requirements, tolerance and delivery timelines.

Design your product – We start any product with design. Customer can supply a design and you can also take advantage of our personal designer for designing your product. Dimensional tolerance must be specified during the agreement with required number of pieces( 1 order or multiple orders). Materials and Q.C requirements should be given in details. Estimated weight of the product- cost may vary depending on weigh and materials. Drawings with dimensions are mandatory, if an earlier sample is not available at our facility. Machining of surface and tolerance should be indicated with the dimensions. Production and delivery timeline is required. For detailed description of the requirement contact us with your query- Email atnupumps@gmail.com


Atnu Foundry is a producer of quality castings to customer specifications. Casting weights vary from 0.5Kgs to 100Kgs. Total area of foundry is about 4 acres. Our molding equipment consists of two BMW Jolt and squeeze mold machines. Our melting equipment consists of one 450 kW induct to therm unit. We have a fully mechanized sand plant with the storage capacity of 80 tones hoppers. We also have fully equipped laboratory to analyze the properties of the metal and sand. Metals presently produced are as follows. All are produced to ASTM specifications. For detailed information of the foundry -> foundry profile( another web page)