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If you are thinking of manufacturing from India

We have four options you can choose from

    1. We can manufacture for you from our current facilities
    2. We can form a joint venture with you
    3. We can help provide ancillary engineering, BPO and IT support for you
    4. We can help you set up your own infrastructure

Do you want to outsource your engineering manufacturing to India?

Step 1: Existing product development – Sample or New product development form 2 D
Step 2: 3D scanning of the product
Step 3: 3D modeling
Step 4: FEA and CFD analysis – 3d party analysis through an academic institution (Ex: PSG tech)
Step 5: Material selection
Step 6: Tooling based on volume or for single-piece 3D printing

Step 7: Sample production in foundry and machined as per spec.
Step 8: Quality and dimension check as per requirement
Step 9: Sample shipped to customer location for final inspection and approval
Step 10: Production commences after approval of sample
Step 11: If the product is a fully finished product. All components follow the same steps from 1 to 8 before completing assembly, packing, and transport.

The process to start a private ltd company

1. Identifying auditor, a corporate lawyer, and construction company
2. Identify land for construction of the factory
3. Documentation process through single window approval
4. Approval for electricity, pollution and factory certificate
5. Identifying and purchasing machinery and equipment for manufacturing
6. Hire an HR manager and hire employees
7. Plan for the transport of employees
8. Material transport
9. If it is export shipping agent identification.
10. Local sales -hire a sales manager and hire a team.
11. Setup training facility to train employees and apprentice

We at Suguna have a dedicated team to work with you for setting up your engineering operation in India.