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Sewage Pumps

  • Pump has a two pole single phase electric motor. It has a diecast aluminium rotor fitted with top and bottom. covers in the body to give a rust free operation.
  • The single-phase motor inside the pump is fitted with a thermostat-controlled safety microswitch in the wound stator to avoid undesirable damages to the motor in the event of blocking of the impeller.
  • The pump is completely waterproof with Class F insulation. Rotor and stator are immersed in a dielectric anti-oxide oil bath grade oil to provide smooth performance.
  • The temperature of thermostat controlled micro-switch is set at 130°C. The bearings are of high quality and need not be greased for a long period.
  • The Submersible must be used underneath of water/liquid and it should not sink in the mud. PUMP CASING: Has a Suction & Delivery size of 50 mm with 90 mm Square Flange, made out of cast iron material
  • IMPELLER: Made out of casting material and has open type vanes for a long life. MECHANICAL SEALS: NBR-Nitrile Butanied Rubber with a lip (oil seal) is used for leak proofing.
  • Operating Instructions: All the operations are to be carried out by a skilled electrician. Check the main supply voltage and make sure that it corresponds to the supply voltage specified on the nameplate.
  • Check the direction of rotation in clockwise mark on the pump casing square flange Top. If seen from the Impeller side it is anti clockwise
    Check the flat cable assembly which is fitted on dome cover (Top). Check to see if the supply voltage fluctuation does not exceed +/-5% of the nominal voltage
  • START-UP OPERATIONS: Find a sticker yellow colour earth on the output cable. Output wire colour blue/red=phase/neutral, yellow=earth
  • Check the colour of the output wires and connect to the power
  • Min pumping level: 10 cm above the pump body. RUNNING: Use the pump as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not pump COMBUSTIBLE FLUIDS. POWER: The power ranges is from 0.55 KW to 0.75 Kw with a single phase
  • VOLTAGE: 220-240 volts. FREQUENCY: 50 Hz
  • DETAILS: HP 1.0, A 5.4, µF 20, 50 Hz, Voltage 230V, KW 0.75, RPM 2850, H.RANGE 1-11m, IP 68, HEAD 8m, Discharge 210 lpm, Insulation Class F